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1 in 5 American teens plan to buy an Apple Watch in the next six months

The Apple Watch continues to be a popular choice amongst among American teens, a six-monthly report by Piper Jaffray reveals.

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The survey of 6,000 US teenagers with an average age of 16.4 and an average household income of $66,296 reveals that interest in the Apple Watch is at an all time high. While most teens do not plan to purchase the timepiece in the next six months, as shown in the chart below the 20% that do is well above the historical average.

1 in 5 American teens plan to buy an Apple Watch in the next six months
Image source: Piper Jaffray

This is good news for Apple as the Cupertino outfit is expected to refresh its smartwatch lineup later this year. While there is no definite information, leaks suggest that Apple Watch 4 will come with a larger display, better battery life, more processing power and improved health and fitness features.

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Apple Watch sales have been doing extremely well since the launch of the third generation device back in September. The company has shifted some 8 million units in the fourth quarter, up an incredible 57.5% from the year before.

Apple executives will also be happy to know that the iPhone is by far the smartphone of choice for American teens. Some 82% of teens surveyed own one and 84% expect their next smartphone to be an iPhone.

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