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Fitbit links up with Google on health data

Fitbit announced today it will begin using Google’s artificial intelligence and new Cloud Healthcare API to help connect user data with electronic health records.

“Google gives us an opportunity to transform how we scale our business, allowing us to reach more people around the world faster, while also enhancing the experience we offer to our users and the healthcare system,” Fitbit co-founder and CEO James Park said.

The collaboration will benefit both patients and clinicians. Being able to sync your everyday movement and workout data will result in a more complete patient profile leading to more personalized care.

The Google Cloud service Fitbit will be using, announced last month, lets companies cross-reference their information with medical-care providers. The two companies also said they will collaborate on better managing chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, by utilizing services such as Fitbit’s recently acquired Twine Health.

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The partnership is one of the first real signs that Fitbit is delivering on its promise of furthering its push into healthcare and relying less on consumers. The lucrative corporate wellness market and health care industry represent an attractive opportunity, particularly as a source of subscription-based revenue. The partnership with Google will no doubt help Fitbit keep pace against the likes of Apple and Xiaomi which have been gaining market share.

“This collaboration will accelerate the pace of innovation to define the next generation of healthcare and wearables,” added Park.

Wall Street agreed and the company’s stock surged some 10% on the news. The stock later gave up some of the gain but stayed at higher levels.

Fitbit links up with Google on health data

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