mim X: the first smartwatch with see-through display

Rayo: a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist

mim X is a new crowdfunded smartwatch that embraces something called TLD (Transparent Levitation Display) technology. It comes from a startup based in Stockholm Sweden.

The main novelty of the hybrid is that all information is displayed on the glass and disappears entirely when not in use. This probably makes for the most perfect combination between modern smarts and classic elegance. As long as you don’t need high tech features, you only see a traditional dial watch face. But the timepiece is more than just about looks.

First off, it vibrates to let you know when you have incoming calls and notifications on connected iOS or Android smartphones. Emails, SMS and third party notifications are also displayed on the TLD, which means you won’t even have to take your phone out to view them. The accompanying smartphone app lets you customize which notifications get through.

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On top of that, mim X comes with a heart rate monitor (HRM) and an accelerometer for a full picture of your fitness. The water-resistance device integrates with Apple Health, letting you store all your activity and health data in one place.

Finally, you also get dual time zone support with auto synchronisation. One time-zone is shown on the display and the other is shown via the hands.

mim X comes in a simple elegant design, with a choice of modern silver steel, classic stealth brown and active stealth black colorways. The strap is made out of rugged Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for most versions.

The company is currently raising fund via Kickstarter to develop mim X. Enough funds have already been raised, even though its still early days in the campaign. The watch is expected to land in September.

Price: $99 and up

Funding open:

$20,558 raised out of $15,268 goal
38 days to go

Estimated delivery: September 2018

View on:

Rayo: a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist

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