zOrigin: the DIY wearable you can customize according to your needs

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What if you could create your very own wearable? The first proof-of-concept of a new chip-stacking technology has just launched on Crowd Supply.

Dubbed zOrigin, this is a low-power, low-cost, wireless fitness tracker. It is the first product built using the zGlue chip-stacking technology. Out of the box, the little wearable comes with bunch of sensors that can be used to monitor your heart rate, skin temperature, and number of steps taken. It measures 11 x 28mm, it has a durable plastic enclosure and accompanying smartphone app for viewing your stats.

Debuted at the San Francisco Maker Faire where it was presented by Misfit’s founder Sonny Vu, zOrigin also comes with an ARM Cortex M0 processor, it has LED, Bluetooth LE radio and a vibration motor. Essentially everything you need for a basic fitness tracker. Powering the whole thing is a 25 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts 1-2 weeks on a single charge.

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The chip can be integrated into your own products, but the really cool thing is that you can design and manufacture custom chips via an online web tool in a matter of days. How about using the kit to create a homemade panic button, smart jewelry or sensors for your shoe insoles? The possibilities are endless.

The ZiP (zGlue Integration Platform) is essentially a Raspberry Pi or Arduino of wearable technology. It lets anyone design a custom, affordable, ultra-small, power-efficient chip for their own smart device using software tools, and have it manufactured quickly.

The developer kit is going for $149 on Crowd Supply, and ships in late August.

Price: $149 and up

Funding open:

$1,194 raised out of $1 goal
41 days to go

Estimated delivery: August 2018

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zOrigin: the DIY wearable you can customize according to your needs

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