Image source: SportScientia

SportScientia launches smart insole for football players

Sportscientia launches smart insole designed to improve performance of football players
Image source: SportScientia

With all eyes expected to turn to the FIFA World Cup next month, SportScientia has unveiled a smart insole for football players that helps prevent injury and improve performance on the pitch.

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When it comes to soccer sensors, there are a number of products on the market that have already built a solid customer base with major clubs and amateurs alike. This includes everything from trackers that slip into your socks to intelligent soccer balls.

The UK and Singapore-based sports technology company says its wireless 3P smart insole and accompanying smartphone app generate a vast array of real-time data such as load distribution, recovery and performance. By learning a player’s constant baseline and following trends over time, the system can even be used to predict, prevent and manage injuries.

To help bring the product to market, SportScientia collaborated with LCR 4.0 and delivery partner Sensor City.

“Our aim at SportScientia is to use advanced technology to create products that provide a better understanding of sports performance and to reduce the risk of injury. The LCR 4.0 programme and Sensor City team have given us the resource to make this possible and brought us one step closer to becoming a more recognisable brand name globally,” said Peter Lazou, founding partner of SportScientia.

“We were given access to the mechanical and electronics labs we needed to re-engineer our initial model, meaning we now have a set of accurate prototypes that we can test before proceeding to the full manufacturing process.”

Sportscientia launches smart insole designed to improve performance of football players
Image source: SportScientia

SportScientia is now trialing the prototypes with the Liverpool John Moores University’s Sports Science department and local football teams. No word yet on a release date but you’ll soon be able to pre-order on

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