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Updated TrueUP syncs physiological metrics across Garmin devices

There have been a few rumors out there, but last week Garmin officially disclosed the existence of their Physio TrueUp program. Owners of the Fenix 5 series, Forerunner 935, Forerunner 645, Vivoactive 3 and Edge 1030 are now able to download the software update in Beta form.

So what does all this mean? It’s the long awaited solution to needing to start your Firstbeat powered physiological metrics from zero each time you get a new device. It basically enables supported devices to sync across the board. Garmin Connect acts as a messenger, making sure everything tallies up.

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The benefit of Physio TrueUp is that you will now have a better idea of your training status and fitness. Activities from multiple devices will appear in the Activities menu, and they will update your totals for running, cycling, and swimming. Your Training Status, Training Load, and VO2 Max will also be updated using activities from your other devices, as will your Recovery Time. This update syncs your last 30 days of training history from Garmin Connect so you don’t have to start from scratch.

To enable the feature, download and update the software on your device. Then go to Settings/Physiological Metrics on the device or in Device Settings on Garmin Connect Mobile – and enable TrueUp.

Physio TrueUP syncs physiological metrics across Garmin devices
Image source: Garmin

Many people have been waiting for this feature for quite some time. Considering the number of products Garmin has on offer, it must have been a huge task to implement this. Garmin says that even if one of your devices doesn’t support this update, the activities you record on it will be sent to your compatible devices through Garmin Connect. Recovery time is the only metric that requires both devices to support Physio TrueUp.

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4 thoughts on “Updated TrueUP syncs physiological metrics across Garmin devices

  • This would be lovely…. if not for the fact that the True Up feature no longer works between my Forerunner and Vivomove HR as of the most recent update.

  • Why is the Fenix 3 not supported? Are there any technical reasons to not support it?

  • I know Garmin announced Forerunner 230 as being included, though I don’t believe that is true by the time I’m writing this. I mean that no other device’s data can be seen on Forerunner 230.
    I see no reference to Forerunner 230 having trueup in its firmware update log and/or device settings

    • I realise this post is old, however can anyone tell me if true up is compatible with fenix 3 or forerunner 735?


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