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The AKI smartwatch uses Samsung technology to keep your little ones safe

The AKI is a new watch designed to give parents peace of mind about their kids’ safety. It comes from Never Labs, a  company that specialises in location and mobility devices.

AKI runs on a Samsung Exynos 7270 Dual 14nm chipset that offers an integrated LTE modem and dual-core CPU. This is the same system that powers the Samsung Gear S3 Sport and Frontier. The powerful specs and low power consumption enable AKI to utilise a range of smart functions while running for days on a charge.

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This include Never Labs’ very own WiFi positioning system (WPS) which detects the exact location of child regardless whether they are inside or outside. The device even learns the pattern of the kid’s daily routine and alerts parents if there is an unexpected change or deviation from what it considers to be normal.

AKI supports VoLTE calls and comes with CLOVA, a personal assistant service. The device is big on education and to this end translates speech into different languages including English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

To alleviate worries about privacy, Never Labs have integrated data and information encryption via ARM TrustZone hardware-based security. The device is also equipped with personalised Wi-Fi fingerprinting technology.

Naver Labs AKI kids’ smartwatch
Image source: Naver Labs

This is a minimalistic smartwatch that is durable and fun to use. It comes with a 1.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and a IP68 water-resistance rating.

For now, AKI is only available in South Korea. No word yet on pricing or when its going to make its way across the border. Considering we are not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to quality kids smartwatches, we hope is sooner rather than later.

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