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This wearable panic button just won the $1m Women’s Safety XPrize

Safer Pro by Leaf Wearables was awarded the $1 million Women’s Safety XPrize. A total of 85 teams from 18 countries battled for the top spot.

This wearable panic button just won the $1m Women’s Safety XPrize
Image source: Leaf Wearables

This is a competition to create an affordable, pragmatic device that provides users with the ability to rapidly respond to threats. Something that autonomously and inconspicuously triggers an emergency alert while transmitting information to a network of community responders, all within 90 seconds. Plus the cost to consumers should be no more than $40.

The original Safer is a small chip that can be put into any device or jewelry. When activated, it sends out alerts with the current location to predetermined guardians and the Safer community. It also starts to record audio.

Launched back in 2015, the product was designed to combat assaults on women in India. Safer quickly became one of the best selling pieces of wearable tech in the country.

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Safer Pro, the eventual winner of the XPrize, is an enhanced version of the original device. It improves on communication, location accuracy and audio streaming.

The device works on cutting edge miniature GSM technology. It pairs with smartphone (Android and iOS) but doesn’t need a smartphone to work. You can receive calls and talk, and your loved ones can view your location in time of distress. Alerts are sent by long pressing the red button. It also helps in navigating to the nearest hospital or police station.

“Winning XPrize is a great step in our mission to make this world a safer place,” said co-founder Avinash Bansal in a statement.

“We will now have the support of global tech influencers and the close knit community of XPrize. The problem of women’s safety exists all over the world, and being situated in New Delhi we know the problem in and out. We are hoping that with XPrize credibility, India will be looked as a hub of innovation and where technology companies don’t only build product but thrive.”

The team added that having the capability to record audio was what made them stand out from the XPrize competition. Their chip design and software was also easy to be integrate into other accessories.

To find out more about Safer Pro head over to Its not commercially available yet, but you can check out the original device on Amazon.

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