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Online training platform Zwift acquires running tech business Milestone

Zwift has snapped up running tech business Milestone. With this acquisition it has paved the way to manufacture its own footpods.

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Indoor running is a popular activity. But lets face it, unless you’re watching TV or talking to someone on the phone, its not the most interesting of experiences.

Zwift is a virtual online running (and cycling) platform that creates avatars which you can take through virtual courses. This includes anything from the fantasy island of Watopia, to routes inspired by Central London. All you need is a treadmill, footpod and a device to run Zwift. This could be a smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can run alongside athletes from around the world and even race against them and compete for prizes. The system takes the data from footpods to power your avatar. The system also provides programs tailored to your fitness level which take the guesswork out of training.

Online training platform Zwift acquires footpod manufacturer Milestone
Image source: Zwift

Running footpods provide an entry point into the world of virtual running on Zwift. To this end, the company is now looking to make its own footpod. This will essentially be a refined version of the MilestonePod.

A popular device with runners, you can make any shoes smart with the MilestonePod. Just clip it on and you’re ready to go. The gizmo remains attached for the life of your shoes, then can be reset and transferred to a new pair. Zwift is looking to build on this and come up with a new and imporoved footpod. Something that has a more responsive feel for both indoor and outdoor running.

“This is an important step for us as we move into the running space,” said Eric Min, Zwift Co-Founder and CEO.

“We at Zwift aim to help more people to exercise more often than they may have done before, by bringing more entertainment and social connectivity to the convenience of indoor training.”

Even though Zwift now directly owns the rights to the MilestonePod, its platform will continue to support other manufacturers. As part of the deal, the company has secured part of the team responsible for the design of the legacy Milestone product. This includes ex-Milestone CEO, Jason Kaplan.

“Not only do they provide connectivity to Zwift on any treadmill, but they also provide the outdoor runner with important metrics such foot strike, rate of impact – along with run distance and duration,” he said.

“These are not only great tools that help to refine running technique, but also help provide runners with important information that can improve performance, reduce injury risk and make sure they are in the proper shoe,” added Kaplan.

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Finding it tough to go for your daily run because the weather is ugly? This could be the perfect solution.

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