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Like sleeping on the job? This company will pay you to lie in bed with a smartwatch

A mattress firm is offering three lucky people £600 each (around $800) – for sleeping on the job! It says its looking for a team of testers to help it “redefine the way the world sleeps”.

The job offering has been posted by UK mattress retailer Simba and task outsourcing platform Airtasker. They are looking to find three candidates for a month-long study on sleep habits.

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The chosen ones will be given a complimentary Simba mattress to lie in, as well as a Fitbit Versa to keep tabs on their kip time. Oh, and lets not forget the £600 paycheck! The compensation probably approaches £1,000 when you take into account the free gifts.

The fact that Versa was chosen for this task is not too surprising. The device is the latest offering from Fitbit.

In our recent review, we found it to be an excellent fitness watch. It comes with detailed info on light, deep and REM sleep stages and awake time. The timepiece also benefits from advanced sleep features and insights which were introduced earlier this year.

Review: Fitbit Versa, a great fitness watch at the right price

The successful candidates will need to record data around their sleep, and see if and how certain small lifestyle changes can make improvements to sleep quality. This could be anything from how their daytime activity affects sleep, to eating habits or the time they went to bed.

Essential reading: Fitbit Versa, a great fitness watch at the right price

If this sounds like the dream job, you can apply on Airtasker’s website before the 9th of August. Unfortunately you will be one of many as nearly 1,000 people have applied for the 3 positions so far. The company says a funny, memorable or outrageous story about sleeping on your application form will boost your chances.

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