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Discount supermarket chain Lidl launches low-cost activity tracker

Supermarket chain Lidl launches new low-cost activity tracker
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German global discount supermarket chain Lidl has launched a low-cost Fitbit and Garmin competitor.

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It’s not the first time the company has come out with a budget-friendly smart health device. It also sells a smart scale and smart blood pressure monitor. Mind you, these lack the bells and whistles of the more expensive, high-end competition, but they do provide the basics.

The Silvercrest activity tracker comes in black, purple and pink variants. It keeps tabs on your step count, distance covered, calories burned, activity duration and sleep. The gizmo even has a UV monitor, something you won’t find on very many fitness trackers.

The device doesn’t have a screen, so it uses vibration and an LED light to provide smartphone notifications for incoming calls and texts. For a detailed look at your health stats you will need to head over to its Apple/Android smartphone app. Other than that, the tracker sports an IP67 water-resistance rating and comes with a re-chargeable battery.

Supermarket chain Lidl launches new low-cost activity tracker
Image source: Lidl

Now the added competition will not have Fitbit, Garmin and Apple quaking in their boots. What’s interesting here is that the technology is becoming so accessible, even supermarket chains are getting in on the game. And they’re coming out with budget devices – Silvercrest will set you back around $30.

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