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Apple Watch Daylight Savings bug causes crashes in Series 4 models

Australian Apple Watch Series 4 owners with a certain watch face are stuck in a loop. They’ve reported their devices are crashing after the country switched to daylight savings time (DST) over the weekend.

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It seems there is an issue with the new infographic faces which are causing the watches to go into endless reboot loops. This is because the Activity complication on the Infographic Modular face is unable to draw up a timeline of the day with one of the hours missing. The issue is causing the watch to restart over and over again until it runs out of power.

Apple Watch Daylight Saving bug causes crashes in Series 4 models
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As long as the complication is active the problem persists. Some users have dealt with the issue by removing the watch face through the iPhone companion app.

The shortened day is over now in Australia and everyone’s watch is back to normal. Apple hasn’t issued a official statement on the issue, but we are expecting a fix to be issued soon. DST ends in Europe on October 28th and in North America on November 4th so the company has more than enough time to get things right.

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