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Strava makes it easier to keep tabs on your indoor workouts

One of the best known fitness apps around is now making it easier to keep tabs on your indoor workouts. Gym chain PureGym, booking app Mindbody and fitness studio Digme all now connect with Strava.

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More than just a popular GPS-based exercise tracker, Strava lets you set challenges for yourself and other users. More than 32 million runners, cyclists and active people from 195 countries use this app to record their activities, compare performance over time, and share the photos, stories and highlights of their adventures.

Strava makes it easier to keep tabs on your indoor workouts
Image source: Strava

The company has now turned its sights to indoor exercise. The latest software update allows the app to sync automatically with gym chain PureGym, fitness class booking app Mindbody and boutique studio Digme. In the past you could could only log this type activity in Strava manually.

Setting up the new connections is easy. For example, if you want to connect your PureGym member account, simply log into the accompanying app, find the connections section and tick the Strava option. Once linked, your time in the gym and number of classes attended will be automatically tracked on Strava, alongside your other activities. The procedure is the same for Mindbody and Digme.

Nearly two-thirds of Strava athletes exercise indoors at least once a week. The company says strength training, yoga, treadmill running and indoor cycling are the most popular activities. It makes perfect sense that Strava is making it easier to bring all this exercise data under one software platform.

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