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HeartBit training shirts with medical-grade ECG set for CES 2019 debut

HeartBit, a medical grade electrocardiogram (ECG) that integrates into fitness tops, is set to make its debut at CES 2019.

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The ECG monitor comes from a Hungarian outfit that goes by the same name. Its development team consists of 5 PhD members who complement each other in areas of mechanical engineering, information technology and health sciences. The startup embraced IBM Cloud and Watson technologies earlier this year, to make their vision a reality.

Heart related health problems are a modern day epidemic, and consistently rank as the number one cause of death for adults. We all know exercise is important for a healthy life, but it’s easy to overdo it. HeartBit saw an opportunity in the market for a wearable ECG device that makes it easier to develop an effective workout routine that ensures heart health.

Heartbit training shirts with integrated ECG sensors set for CES 2019 debut
Image source: HeartBit

The company says its device has a 3 lead 5-sensor ECG monitor, making it the most advanced activity tracker on the market. The sensors are integrated into training T-shirts via a flexible (silicon) chest strap, with the measuring device attaching to the shirt at the bottom of the sternum.

From there, HeartBit takes measurements at a sampling rate of 2,000 Hz per electrode, which means 6,000 data points per second in total. The high sampling rate enables it to dish out electrical signals produced by your heart with laboratory-like accuracy. Competing devices measure only one or two data points per second.

With HeartBit strapped around their chest during warmup, activity and post-workout recovery, users can train safe in the knowledge they’ll be alerted in real-time if any issues arise that could lead to sudden cardiac arrest or stroke. The gizmo uses a custom algorithm to provide warning signals on arrhythmia, ischemia and other hidden heart diseases.

HeartBit training shirts with medical-grade ECG set for CES 2019 debut
Image source: HeartBit

The powerful sensor connects with the Hearbit app and website dashboard where an individual’s workout history is available. The software also guides the user towards the ideal health through personalized training plans based on cardiac status and desired goals.

Source: SportTechie; HeartBit

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