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CES 2019: Alibaba & Intel to deliver 3D athlete tracking tech for 2020 Olympics

This week at CES 2019, Alibaba and Intel have revealed plans on developing AI-powered 3D Athlete Tracking Technology. Set to debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the system will dish out detailed biomechanical data of athletes movements.

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Instead of using special sensors, the tracking technology utilizes multiple standard cameras. The AI applies pose modeling techniques and other deep learning algorithms to the video to extract 3D Mesh representations of athletes in real-time. These digital models will provide coaches with intricate biomechanical data for use as training tools.

The unprecedented insights into performance will also benefit fans around the world. Broadcasters will be able to overlay real-time info during competition, and commentators will be able to analyze, dissect and re-examine highlights with detailed stats at their fingertips.

CES 2019: Alibaba & Intel to deliver 3D athlete tracking technology for 2020 Olympics
Image source: Intel

The 3D Athlete Tracking Technology uses existing and upcoming Intel hardware to supply the heavy dose of computer power needed. Alibaba is providing the cloud computing technology.

“We are proud to partner with Intel on the first-ever AI-powered 3D athlete tracking technology where Alibaba contributes its best-in-class cloud computing capability and algorithmic design,” said Chris Tung, CMO, Alibaba Group.

“With our technological advancements, Alibaba is transforming the sports media and broadcasting industries.

This collaboration is set to usher the Olympic Games into the digital era. For more info on the partnership and 3D Athlete Tracking Technology head over to Intel’s website.

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