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Under Armour looking to boost its digital fitness capabilities in 2019

Under Armour is looking to upgrade its digital fitness capabilities in 2019 and introduce more for the runner.

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The athletic apparel brand is expanding its ecosystem of high-tech products by integrating the HOVR Infinite running shoe with Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatch, the UA MapMyRun app and JBL UA True Wireless FLASH headphones. With Under Armour, these products connect and complement each other and provide a wealth of information to enhance the running experience.

“We decided that part of this is to create a completely closed system for that consumer. So we’ve partnered with world-class experience providers in each area, rather than do it ourselves,” Jim Mollica, Under Armour’s senior vice president of consumer engagement and digital, told Sport Techie.

“Within that ecosystem you get real-time coaching, which has proven out for the average runner to get them five percent faster over a five-week period of time.”

The Samsung Watch with the MapMyRun watch app provides runners with a simple and seamless run experience while allowing them to leave their phone behind. The watch connects automatically to the HOVR Connected shoes, no set-up required. This setup can track many specific metrics in real-time, such as gait, cadence, stride length, pace and more. And by connecting their UA True Wireless Flash headphones, users get a running coach in their ear.

Under Armour debuted the line at CES 2019. The company says it will be looking for more opportunities to expand its ecosystem of connected products in the near future.

Source: Sport Techie; Under Armour

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