NBA player jersey of the future lets you change numbers on the fly

If you though Nike’s self-lacing basketball shoes were cool, prepare to be even more impressed by the jersey that can change its number in a flash.

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Speaking at this week’s NBA All-Start Technology Summit, Commissioner Adam Silver gave the world a peak at the basketball jersey of the future. Silver used a smartphone app to switch the player name and number from Stephen Curry’s 30 to Michael Jordan’s 23. He couldn’t change the color, though.

The event showcased how the league might change by 2038. Check out the demo below.

NBA’s Commissioner didn’t explain how this works but it’s not too hard to figure out as flexible e-paper already exists. The tech is advancing with each passing year. E-paper displays are now full color and less than 1 micron thick. Energy is only required when updating and not to maintain information on the display.

One would suspect the jerseys would probably be used for more than just changing player numbers. Advertising is the first thing that springs to mind. The technology could easily facilitate multiple ads to be displayed on the players throughout the game. It’s an interesting concept nevertheless.

You won’t be able to walk into a shop and buy one for yourself just yet. But in the not too distant future it’s not out of the question to see apparel such as this in the shops. It would make switching jerseys as simple as pushing a button.

All this is definitely not good news for those making a living by printing names and numbers on shirts. Let’s just hope NBA players don’t start changing their name mid game to avoid getting fouled out!

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