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XPLORA GO is a wearable with five everyday use cases

XPLORA has announced the XPLORA GO, a wearable with five everyday use cases including children, elderly, pets, bikes and assets.

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The Norwegian outfit known for designing high tech gadgets for kids is expanding its portfolio of products. Its newest wearable can be used by the young and old.

The device emulates other XPLORA products in that it can be used as a children’s watch with features such as calls, messages, a camera, emoji messaging, a step counter and alarms. Parents can use it as a safety device to keep a line of communication directly open with their little ones.

The novelty is in the additional use cases. The gizmo comes with accessories and preloaded interfaces which allow it to be used for other purposes. Each individual case use takes advantage of the core standard features such as GPS and location tracking, geofenceable areas, an SOS button, WiFi and mobile connectivity.

XPLORA GO is a wearable with five everyday use cases

The bike tracker, for example, notifies an owner if their two-wheeler is being tampered with. If someone attempts to steal the bike an alarm will sound via the accompanying smartphone app. At the same time the automatic tracking function will switch itself on letting you know at all times the whereabouts of your vehicle.

The same use applies to other assets. Simply fasten the tracker to an item such as a suitcase or handbag to keep tabs on them. You can even attach it to pets to know how much they move and set geofenced areas.

Finally, the multipurpose device can also be used by the elderly. It allows them to monitor their steps, the alarm function can be used to remind them to take medication, plus there is support for calls, notifications and an SOS button to keep them in touch with loved ones.

XPLORA GO devices start at £69.99 (around $90). The wearable will be available for purchase from April at and other retailers. If you’re in Barcelona, you can check it out at the Mobile World Congress next week.

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