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Polar OH1 and H10 get much anticipated ANT+ connectivity

The Polar OH1 and H10 heart rate monitors now have ANT+ connectivity. The much anticipated functionality has arrived thanks to firmware updates released yesterday.

Polar OH1 and H10 get much anticipated ANT+ connectivityEssential readingTop fitness trackers and health gadgets

Both devices are great options for those looking for a more precise way of tracking their heart rate than a wrist wearable. The H10 is meant to be worn on the chest, and the OH1 on your upper or lower arm. Polar heart rate monitors are generally considered to be amongst the most precise sensors on the market.

This software update is a biggie. It means that in addition to the Bluetooth connection, you can now stream your heart rate with an OH1 and H10 to an unlimited number of devices via ANT+ in real-time.

Polar recently unveiled with the OH1+ which already had this functionality built-in. The update means the only difference now between the OH1 and OH1+ are the swim google clips included in the newer version.

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You can download the upgrade to your OH1 via the Flow app on your smartphone or FlowSync on your computer. For H10 you can get this via the Polar Beat app or Polar Flow app on your smartphone.

As long as your sensor is paired, the app will automatically ask whether you wish to update. Once installed the ANT+ functionality will be switched on by default, but you can switch it off in the Polar Beat app settings.

The software updates (version 3.0.50 for H10 and version 2.0.10 for OH1), come with the usual performance improvements and bug fixes. There are also some battery life improvements for the OH1.

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