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YouTuber creates luxurious Apple Watch by dipping it in liquid gold

Apple is no longer selling its luxurious 18-karat-gold Apple Watch Edition timepieces, but with a bit of effort you can create your own.

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The Cupertino outfit killed the variant with the launch of the Series 4 edition late last year. It’s no surprise, really. We are guessing demand for a $10,000+ watch that becomes outdated in a few years time was not that high.

It’s still possible, though, to own a pure gold Apple Watch. A new video shared by YouTuber Casey Neistat and JerryRigEverything explain how you can transform your existing device by dipping it into $300 worth of 24 carat gold.

The process sounds quite complicated and involves chemicals that prepare and clean the device before actually applying the liquid gold. Nevertheless, it can be done in the comfort of your living room. Plus it’s much cheaper than forking out tens of thousands of pounds for an Apple-made edition.

The end product is fully functional and actually looks quite good. If done correctly, the gold covering will probably last longer than the watch itself.

Check out the video below and prepare to be amazed.

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