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The Amazfit Health Watch wants to keep tabs on your ticker

Along with this morning’s Verge 2 reveal, Huami announced the Amazfit Health Watch. As its name implies, this one begins an entirely new line that is designed with health monitoring in mind rather than sport.

The Amazfit Health Watch wants to keep tabs on your ticker
Image source: Huami

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We are also expecting the Amazfit Bip 2 to land in the not-too-distant future, and the Amazfit Health Watch has borrowed a lot from its design. In fact, the two look almost alike! It would not surprise is if the second generation Bip takes on some of its functionality.

Verge 2 comes with the Huangshan No.1 chipset, and Amazfit Health Watch is no different. This allows it to shine on the health front as it comes with four AI engines – cardiac biometrics engine, ECG, ECG Pro, and Hearth Rhythm Abnormality Monitoring Engine.

The chipset allows for Low-power BioTracker PPG monitoring. The heart rate sensor is capable of spotting low heart rate, arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation around the clock. There’s also an ECG sensor capable of measuring the electrical activity of the heart muscle in 60 seconds, and storing 60 ECG readings locally. Finally, there’s also fall detection thanks to a 6-axis accelerometer.

The Amazfit Health Watch wants to keep tabs on your ticker
Image source: Huami

The watch is equipped with NB-IoT independent communication so can report an emergencies in real time even without the Bluetooth 5.0 LE connection. There’s an automatic SMS feature that can inform your nominated contacts of emergencies without you lifting a finger.

Other than that, Amazfit has slapped on some cloud health services. These allow you to keep tabs on your vitals and even obtain expert guidance on your health.

In terms of other specs, the device comes with a 1.28 inch (176 x 176 pixels) colour display and tempered glass protection. The dimensions are 42 x 35 x 12.5mm and weight 25 grams without the strap.

The whole thing is rated 3 ATM for water resistance, meaning there’s no need to remove it when taking a bath or showering. The 200mAH battery will keep the thing going for up to a week on a single charge.

The Amazfit Health Watch wants to keep tabs on your ticker

The watch should launch in China by the end of this month in a range of colours and choice of silicone and leather bands. It is expect to retail at 699 yuan ($100).

We are quite sure Verge 2 will be sold internationally as the first generation GPS sports watch is widely available. We are less certain about this one, seeing that it’s an entirely new line.

Given the similarities, the other option for the global version is that some of this functionality gets slapped on to the upcoming Bip 2. This would make it even better all-around smartwatch, although it would weigh heavily on battery life. To remind readers, the original only needs to be charged once a month.

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