Absolute Cycling One: for real-time location tracking accuracy at all times

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An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has gone live just now for Absolute Cycling One. This is a cycling computer that can track your location in real-time with an accuracy within 2 meters – even after losing a satellite connection!

The gadget comes from a Dutch-based outfit called Absolute Cycling. The thing uses something called Absolute Positioning Technology to achieve such high accuracy.

Normal cycling computers tap into GPS, Glonass, Galileo and other satellite positioning systems (GNSS) once per second. While this is all well and good, accuracy tends to suffer if you’re riding through harsh conditions, such as a dense forest or a tunnel. Signal quality suffers because the computer needs to be in visible contact with the sky in order to ensure accuracy.

Absolute Cycling One uses something called Absolute Positioning Technology (APT). This combines GNSS with sensors inside the bike to track your position more often and more accurately. In fact, the thing checks your location 20 times per second, which equates to 20 times more than your run-of-the-mill cycling computer.

This type of accuracy also makes it useful when you’re riding at high speeds as the margin of error remains within 2 meters. APT even works for short periods of time after losing satellite connection by utilising the algorithm to keep calculating your position using available sensors. The company says, no external speed sensors are needed.

The cycling computer comes with a beautiful and aerodynamic design. There’s a 3 inch full-colour screen on-board which you can use to view your data, graphics and custom rendered maps.

An ultra-low power processor inside ensures the gadget has enough power for even the longest of rides. On a full charge Absolute Cycling One will run for about 20 hours.

The outfit says they expect to deliver the first 100 Absolute Cycling One computers by Christmas this year. In March 2020 the cycling computer will go on general sale. Participating in the Indiegogo campaign will get you an early-bird discount.

Price: $502 and up

Funding open:

$9,593 raised out of $55,925 goal
41 days left

Estimated delivery: March 2020

View on:

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Dusan Johnson

Dusan is our dedicated sports editor which means he gets to indulge his two passions: writing and gadgets. He never leaves his house without a minimum of two wearable devices to monitor his every move.

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  • Sounds great.
    Shame that very few people need that level of accuracy for cycling


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