Nanit’s new camera tracks your baby’s breathing and improves their sleep

Nanit has just launched a line of smart infant clothing called Breathing Wear. The garments are designed to work in conjunction with the Nanit Plus HD camera, to provide info on a baby’s sleep and breathing patterns. The system was originally demoed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Los Vegas earlier this year.

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To use you’ll first need to set up the Nanit Plus HD camera. Attach it up next to the baby’s crib for for an overhead view that lets you see everything. The camera and accompanying smartphone app dish out info and insights on your baby’s sleep. You can even speak or sing to your baby right from the smartphone app.

The line of Swaddles and Breathing Bands that comprise Breathing Wear work without putting any sensors on your baby’s skin or their crib. Instead, the specific pattern on the fabric is engineered to be interpreted by the camera.

This is translated into a breathing pattern and sent to your smartphone or tablet in real-time. Pretty clever stuff. Nanit says the camera can read the information from any angle so your baby tossing and turning will not effect the results.

The Nanit Swaddle comes in a small and large size and can fit babies up to 6 months. It is made of 100% cotton and features a secure state-put flap. The Breathing Band is placed under the baby’s arms around their torso. Again, there are two sizes to choose from but they can fit babies up to 2 years old

“Many of the parents in our Nanit community have requested the ability to track their baby’s breathing motion,” said Dr. Assaf Glazer, Nanit co-founder & CEO.

“And since every parent and every baby is unique, we wanted to give customers an easy, natural and customizable way to add this feature into their existing Nanit sleep solution.”

The Nanit Plus HD camera can be purchased on Amazon. Breathing Wear is available in a variety of colours on, with Amazon, Best Buy and other select retailers to follow in the coming days. Nanit says more products are set to be introduced this Fall.

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