Move It Speed: the world’s first intelligent reflex bag

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Hitting a reflex bag at home or in the office can be used for everything from toning your body to self-defense training. This type of exercise helps improve reflexes, hand-eye coordination and works out a multitude of muscles. It’s also one of the best workouts for weight loss.

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But what if you could train smarter? A new kind of reflex bag has just launched on Indiegogo. One that adds computer intelligence to your workouts.

Move It Speed looks and feels like a traditional free-standing reflex bag. It has adjustable height and rebound speed and is mounted onto a round base filled with a ballast material. This makes it very portable and ideal for small indoor environments.

The novel element, however, is the sensor technology. Move It Speed can work out and provide real-time info on the direction, strength and speed of your punches  The reflex bag uses this data to constantly adjust reaction increment time, shown with an LED light signal.

In addition to recording total punches, average strike speed, fastest jab speed and calorie consumption, the accompanying app has courses to help you perfect your form. There are various game modes to choose from as well as fitness programs. The app also compares your stats with others so can be a motivator to stay on top of your game.

Finally, if your boss is annoying you, upload his picture into the app and punch away. Not a bad option for releasing stress! If you’re doing this in the office, just make sure he’s not standing behind you whilst you are doing this.

The Hong Kong-based team is now working on turning their prototype into a retail product. Just a few days into the campaign, they are more than 10 times above their rather modest goal. Early bird pricing is around $100, with delivery to backers expected in September. As always, warnings about crowdfunded projects apply.

Price: $95 and up

Funding open:

$32,905 raised out of $3,842 goal
26 days left

Estimated delivery: September 2019

View on:

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