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Stryd smartphone app gets new look and features, improved functionality

The Stryd smartphone app has just received a hefty update. There’s an all new “My Training” Summary, auto-calculated Critical Power (CP) and more.

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Stryd is a one of a kind wearable. The lightweight pod attaches to your shoe to spit out info on running power. It essentially takes into account terrain, form, and fatigue to tell you how hard to move. Simply set a power target and run to see results. In our review, we describe it as a running pod on steroids.

The wearable’s accompanying smartphone app just got a huge refresh. Version 5.0.1 brings an all new “My Training” Summary tab. This is your new home screen that provides an overview of your training sessions. You can look at your weekly, 12 weekly or current calendar history, along with detailed graphs of running stress, duration and more.

Stryd smartphone app gets new look, new features, improved functionality

The second major improvement is Auto-Calculated Critical Power. This means no more Critical Power (CP) tests. Everything is done for you based on your running history. There were a number of ways to do this before but all needed manual input. The simplest one required a user to enter their 5K best time in the settings section of the app.

The only other change worth mentioning is the ability to now view your CP as W/kg. Everything else is to do with the usual bug fixes.

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the new version of Stryd which is about to land. In addition to everything from the predecessor device, this one also reports how much extra power (in watts) is required to overcome air resistance.

Runners will now have the ability to turn weather conditions into a performance enhancing factor. Other improvements include temperature and humidity sensors, a magnetometer to enable for several upcoming features and improved accuracy. Storage has also been expanded, along with the antenna range.

The new Stryd is available on pre-order for $219.00. Orders will begin shipping at the end of this month. Look out for our review of the new device in August.

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