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The new Stryd gives you a fair advantage on race day

Stryd has just announced the next generation of its power meter shoe-clip. The device is the first tool built for those who want to measure the energy cost of running against the wind.

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Pacing your runs is never easy. It’s not just varying terrains that can present a problem, but also different weather conditions. The wind, in particular, can be one of the biggest threats to perfectly pacing yourself.

This is where the new Stryd steps in. It tells you how hard to run in headwinds, tailwinds and drafts, so you can move as strong at the end of the run as you did at the beginning.

The new Stryd give you a fair advantage on race day
Image source: Stryd

For those not in the know, Stryd is a lightweight shoe-clip that brings a little known metric to the world of running – power. Cyclists have been using this type of information for a while now, so its not new to them. But it is for runners.

Stryd accounts for terrain, form, and fatigue to tell you how hard to move. Simply keep your eye on your power target. The promise is the little pod will help you tweak your pace helping you go strong without hitting the wall. There are other metrics, too. Think of it as a running pod on steroids.

In our review last year, we found the little gizmo works really well bringing a whole new dimension to your training. We particularly enjoyed the fact that it doesn’t overload you with stats. It provides actionable information you can use to tweak your training or know here you are currently at.

The new Stryd give you a fair advantage on race day
Image source: Stryd

The new Stryd slaps on some more goodies to all the great features of its predecessor. The thing now reports how much extra power (in watts) is required to overcome air resistance. The entire pod and clip structure have been redesigned to capture information on wind in real-time.

Runners will now have the ability to turn weather conditions into a performance enhancing factor. In race conditions you can even use it to know how much power is saved when drafting off a pack of runners!

“Every runner wants to perfectly pace their run. They want to be running just as strong at the end of the run as they did at the beginning. However, that task becomes even more difficult when the wind rolls in,” said Jamie Williamson, Stryd CEO.

“While the wind’s effects are unavoidable, that does not mean that you should run poorly. Stryd makes it possible to pace a run perfectly, even in imperfect weather conditions.”

There are other improvements, too. The new Stryd has temperature and humidity sensors, a magnetometer to enable for several upcoming features and improved accuracy. Storage has also been expanded for the ultra trainers out there, as has the antenna range.

The new Stryd is available from today for $219.00. Orders will begin shipping at the end of July. We are hoping to get a test unit so keep an eye out for our review in August.

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