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Tile expands its lineup of Bluetooth trackers in anticipation of Apple rival

Tile has updated its lineup of Bluetooth tracking devices. This includes an all-new tracking device as well as a refresh to the existing range.

Tile Sticker

The fresh new addition is called the Tile Sticker. The smallest device in the company’s range, you can attach it to your laptop, camera, TV remote and more. The little thing is water-proof making you free to use it with bicycles, surfboards, snowboards and the like.

Tile expands its lineup of Bluetooth trackers as we wait for Apple rival
Image source: Tile

The gizmo sticks to virtually anything, has a 150 ft range and built-in 3-year battery. A two-pack of the quarter inch thick device will set you back $39.99.

Tile Slim

The next device in the range, the $29.99 Tile Slim, has been redesigned. It’s now about as thick as three credit cards and more rectangular in shape ditching the squarish design of the predecessor. This means you can easily stick it in your wallet or jacket pocket. Tile Slim is also waterproof and has a battery life of three years.

Tile expands its lineup of Bluetooth trackers as we wait for Apple rival
Image source: Tile

Tile Mate and Tile Pro

Of course, the company is still selling its popular $24.99 Tile Mate and $34.99 Tile Pro devices. These are square and small in shape and come with a hole so you can attach them to keys and such.

Tile says these two have been updated for enhanced reliability and performance, plus louder volumes and extended ranges. The first is a lower spec version, the second has more power and durability. Both will keep going a full year with the replaceable battery.

All the products in the Tile range can be picked up on the Tile website and Amazon.

We wrote a few weeks ago about a new Apple product that will rival Tile. Called Apple Tag, you’ll be able to attach to pretty much anything to track its location. It will be fitted with Apple’s ultra-wideband U1 locator chip that can also be found in the iPhone 11. The tag would communicate via iCloud to the new Find My service to guide the user to within inches of the item.

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The latest leak includes some app screenshots confirming the Tag is in the works and probably close to seeing the light of day. There’s a good chance we’ll see an official reveal in the next few months.

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