Image source: JAXJOX

JAXJOX’s newest release is a connected foam roller

JAXJOX’s new release is the Foam RollerConnect
Image source: JAXJOX

If you’ve been waiting patiently for a connected foam roller, you’ll be glad to know it’s finally here. JAXJOX’s new release, following the success of their smart KettlebellConnect, is the Foam RollerConnect.

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The smart gadget connects to an app (or an Apple Watch) to track your recovery. It guides you through your roll-out sessions and keeps track of your progress. It’s the first device of its kind.

The gizmo offers a number of customisation options. Users can key in what workout they have engaged in, what muscle groups have been affected and what intensity they would prefer.

Physical activities include strength training, hiking, swimming, boxing, jogging, yoga and more. Muscle areas settings are also quite detailed. Users can choose between neck, back, calves, glutei, feet, calves, shoulders, triceps and hamstrings to name a few options.

The gizmo runs this information through a proprietary algorithm to recommend exercises to complement whatever workout you just did or to target the specific muscles you just worked out. It also suggests a session duration and intensity level, providing you with the most effective way to recover.

JAXJOX’s newest release is a connected foam roller
Image source: JAXJOX


Vibrations help with sore or injured muscles as the scar tissue begins to break up, alleviating muscle soreness and stiffness. Foam RollerConnect has five vibration intensity levels in total. Furthermore, there are three different massage zones on the exterior of the device.

This is only one of a suite of connected health gadgets from JAXJOX. Others include a smart scale, reversible mat, a heart rate monitor and the above mentioned KettlebellConnect. The outfit also sells traditional foam rollers.

“We are excited to be launching the Foam Roller Connect. At JAXJOX, innovation is at the core of everything we do.” said CEO and Co-Founder of JAXJOX, Stephen Owusu.

“We are committed to revolutionising the at-home fitness space and making it easier for consumers to attain their wellness goals. Apple Watch and Health app integration with the Foam Roller Connect will give consumers an easy way to track their recovery and improve their overall wellness. Consumers no longer have to enter their data manually. They can focus on what matters most, their health.”

The $99 Foam RollerConnect marks the company’s partnership with Apple – the device is the first and only fitness recovery device available at in Apple stores and the JAXJOX website.

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