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Awair launches a more affordable version of its air quality monitor

Awair has announced a more affordable version of its popular air quality monitor. Element delivers all the sensors of its big brother but retails for around 25% less.

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In our review of Awair 2nd edition, we found the gizmo provides timely and interesting feedback on air quality via its dot display and smartphone app. It sends alerts and suggestions when something is amiss and comes with lots of customization options and smart home integrations. There is actually very little not to like.

For those that care about the quality of air they and their families breathe, Awair is a complete solution. One sticking point, however, is its cost. Sure they say you can’t put a price on health, but retailing at $199 it is not exactly the cheapest of products. Element aims to set this right.

Awair launches a more affordable version of its air quality monitor
Image source: Awair

Just like the original the latest iteration delivers five essential air quality sensors including temperature, humidity, Co2, VOCs and PM2.5. Element uses the same app which allows users to understand their overall air quality using the Awair Score, view individual sensor readings, and track changes in their environment over time.

The only difference is the build. The new version comes in a budget friendly plastic design rather than wood. Everything else is the same.

Awair launches a more affordable version of its air quality monitor
Image source: Awair

Awair seems to be going from strength to strength. The California-based outfit launched its first air quality monitor in the not-too-distant 2015. Since then it utilized the $21 million in funding raised to date, to release a number of products. The company says it has customers in 3,000 cities worldwide.

Air pollution is a problem that is not going away anytime soon. Few people know that the air quality indoors can, at times, be much lower than outdoors. Switch on the oven, do some cleaning with chemicals and the quality will deteriorate quickly. The Awair range of products aims to inform as much as educate.

Element is available now on Amazon.

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