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FORM Swim Googles get support for heart rate by Polar

FORM has announced their augmented reality swim goggles now support Polar OH1 and OH1+ optical heart rate monitors.

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FORM Swim Googles get support for heart rate by Polar The smart specs were announced this summer. The goggles were designed to offer swimmers a convenient way of receiving instant feedback. Although they look and feel like the traditional thing, FORM Swim Goggles provide an augmented reality display and artificial intelligence to track and display a wealth of swim stats.

Info that can be viewed in real-time and smartphone app includes split time, interval time, rest time, total time, stroke rate, stroke count, distance per stroke, pace per 100, pace per 50, distance, length count and calories burned. As of today, thanks to an iPhone and Android app firmware update, we can add heart rate to this list.

The smart goggles will play nice with Polar OH1 and OH1+ optical heart rate monitors. The first was originally designed to be worn around the upper arm, the second comes with a little pod which allows users to attach it to swim goggles to measure heart rate from the temple.

FORM is including its own purpose-built mounting clip in the package which means either of the two heart rate monitors can be attached to the augmented reality glasses. Existing FORM and Polar customers can redeem a free mounting clip at It will be included by default in all future purchases.

The new functionality allows swimmers to view real-time data on beats per minute and zones in their line of sight, throughout their swim. The info communicates wirelessly with the Polar heart rate monitors.

Post swim everything is ported over to the FORM Swim App. This syncs up the heart rate to other metrics in an easy-to-navigate view. Users are able to see a graph of their heart rate through their swim as well as a breakdown of heart rate zones.

“Real-time heart rate is an essential aspect of training in land-based sports like running and cycling,” said FORM founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt.

“Without that information, it’s easy to stagnate in your training, either by taking it too easy or by overtraining and burning out. Now, thanks to FORM and Polar, real-time heart rate has come to the pool. Swimmers can see their heart rate in our goggles’ display throughout their swim. This is a game-changer for swimmers, triathletes, and the coaches who train them.”

This certainly sounds like a very useful addition which helps to make FORM Swim Goggles a complete package. The company says it has been working with Polar on the heart rate tracking feature since the fall of 2018.

The augmented reality swim specs can be purchased on Amazon and You can read our full review on this link.

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