KamiBaby: the first smart baby monitor with a breathing magnifier

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KamiBaby is an all-in-one smart baby monitor. An extra pair of eyes to keep tabs on your little one, the gizmo allows parents to see their baby’s breathing amplified. There’s also temperature and humidity monitoring, crying detection and more.

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KamiBaby comes with an accompanying smartphone app which allows parents to see their little one 24/7 thanks to 1080p Night Vision. You can even share the video-feed with friends and family.

The audio functions both ways so you can talk to your baby or toddler while away. Alternatively you can record your voice and play it back at the touch of a button to sooth them. There’s also integration with Alexa and Google to show your baby’s room.

However, the most innovative part of the thing is that it provides a magnified visual of your baby’s breathing. This is done by using advanced AI image processing. Coupled with room temperature and humidity monitoring as well as cry detection, worried parents will have more peace of mind.

Privacy is always a concern when it comes to smart technology and some devices for kids have been discovered to have security flaws. A few have even been revealed to transmit and store data without encryption making them vulnerable to hackers. No such worries with KamiBaby. It is fully GDPR compliant and follows the strictest data protection guidelines. Up to 9 days of continuous recording can be stored on the 128 GB MicroSD Card or you can access YI Cloud with 7-day free rolling use.

The baby monitor does many functions at once simplifying the job for parents and eliminating the need for multiple devices. Developed by YI Technology, KamiBaby is available on Indiegogo at a 50% discount for $99 and will ship in March 2020. With a few days left, the campaign is nearly double on its $20,000 goal.

Price: $99 and up

Funding open:

$39,414 raised out of $20,000 goal
27 days left

Estimated delivery: March 2020

View on:

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