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CES 2020: Xenoma’s smart pajamas are for well-being of the elderly

e-skin Sleep & Lounge is smart apparel for the wellbeing and health monitoring of elderly that is being showcased at CES 2020.

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It features e-Skin technology made by smart fabric firm Xenoma. A number of years in the making the garment has the ability to measure movement, breathing, pressure, perspiration, body temperature and more.

E-skin is made with printed circuit fabric so can be integrated into traditional textiles. The possibilities are endless and one of these is being showcased in Las Vegas. The Tokyo-based outfit is debuting a collection of smart pajamas called e-skin Sleep & Lounge.

A CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree, the smart garment is meant predominantly for the elderly. It monitors daily activity level and tracks sleep. The circuits are embedded into the shirt and run along the legs and hips to detect motion.

If the sensors inside the pajamas determines you’ve slipped or tried, they will set off an alarm. This is particularly useful in a hospital setting. It means that instead of confining patients to a room or keeping them under constant medical supervision, the Xenoma pajamas can do the job automatically.

The machine-washable garment is available in two styles. Grandpa can choose from the traditional looking, comfortable e-skin Sleep or a sweat suit design e-skin Lounge that is better for those cold winter nights.

Xenoma is aiming for a spring US launch date for the collection. The company is also working on other products such as e-skin shirts, arm sleeves and more. Founded three years ago, Xenoma is a spin-off from the University of Tokyo.

Smart clothes are yet to take off in a big way but they are the future. Much more so than wrist wearables or heart rate chest straps. The convenience cannot be overstated as these are garments we wear anyway, only smarter.

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