Image source: Poseidon

CES 2020: The Poseidon smart mirror focuses on personal wellness

CareOS Poseidon is a made-to-measure intelligent mirror that focuses on personal hygiene, skincare and wellness. Retailing for more than $3,000, it is expected to launch mid-2020.

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Continuing our round-up of cool health and fitness tech at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, next up is Poseidon. This smart mirror has been named as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree.

Install it in your bathroom and it can be used to maintain your wellbeing and long term health. The mirror connects, synthesizes and enhances information from a range of sources to help you make smart decisions.

CES 2020: CareOS Poseidon is an smart mirror that focuses on personal wellness
Image source: Poseidon

So what exactly can it do?

Poseidon tracks and analyzes a user’s skin health (even on your back with 360° visualization), zooms in on face detail, encourages you to wash your teeth regularly, it has vision tests, it educates on everything from posture to make up application, it has a virtual try-on function so you can experiment with different hair-styles and more.

The company has developed a smart mirror ecosystem called CareOS, that allows it to plug into other info. You can, for example, tap into HealthKit or Google Fit and it will display the levels of your activity, or a smart thermostat for info on temperature. No need to be worried about privacy as everything is stored locally.

Concealed inside is lots of tech that makes all this possible. This includes a high-resolution camera, Full HD or 4K display, Light: 2500K-6500K (warm-cold white) + RGB, system USB, Dual band Wifi 2.4 and 5GHz, Bluetooth Low Energy IP46 rating and Qualcomm chipset. These specs make it sound more like a computer than a mirror.

CES 2020: CareOS Poseidon is an smart mirror that focuses on personal wellness
Image source: Poseidon

The thing has touch-less interaction and works by voice command. The AI is capable of face-recognition making it easy to use by the whole family.

Those interested can choose from different colors, sizes (from 32 to 55 inches) and finishings for the frame. You can even order one made to measure. The orientation can be flipped to either landscape or vertical and you choose from different lighting setups.

Poseidon sells for a very hefty $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the customization options. The product should be available next summer.

Do we really need a connected mirror? Probably not. But if you’re in the market for one, this certainly sounds like a feature-packed option. You’ll need to have very deep pockets, though!

You can find out more or register your interest on the company’s website.

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