CES 2020: IEVA’s new smartwatch monitors environmental factors

IEVA has launched an environmental-monitoring smartwatch that keeps tabs on pollution levels and sun exposure, as well as activity.

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The market for smartwatches is saturated to the point where it’s becoming more and more difficult to distinguish the products. A new take on the whole thing comes from an outfit called IEVA. Its Time-C smartwatch is marketed as both a wellness and beauty product.

What makes this timepiece stand out the most is the environmental-monitoring component. The watch keeps tabs on ambient temperature, humidity, sun exposure (UVA, UVB and UV index readings), luminosity, noise, indoor and outdoor pollution levels. These factors can affect skin health, wrinkles, heart and lung function, fatigue and more.

Time-C educates the user on how these factors affect their health and aging. It also dishes out product suggestions such as diet tips and skin and hair care product suggestions. The company says some of this data will be shared with scientists and meteorologists to better understand climate change and improve weather forecasts.

Outside of that, the smartwatch has the usual personal health statistics. This includes heart rate, steps, distance and sleep. The thing displays much of the data around the parameter of the dial face. The accompanying app provides more in-depth information.

CES 2020: IEVA’s a new smartwatch monitor environmental factors
Image source: IEVA

Everything is wrapped up in a luxurious design. The body is made of 316L stainless steel, with a sapphire crystal dial and brass dynamic hands.

The Time-C smartwatch is expected to start at $490 when it launches in Q2. The device joins other products in IEVA‘s range which include a jewelry line for men and women called Twin.C.

“We passionately believe understanding climate change and protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility.” Said Jean Michael Karam, Chairman and Founder of IEVA.

“By creating stylish products that show the impact of environmental factors on multiple aspects of our daily lives, we are motivating people to become more aware of their habitat and change their behavior for the better.

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