Vi wants to gamify your exercise routine with new app

Vi wants to gamify your exercise routine with a new free app called Torch. The software has just launched into public beta.

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The company’s flagship product are biometric headphones designed improve your running, cycling and training. They sense your heart rate, cadence and speed, and can tap into GPS for a full overview of your workout. All this is delivered through beautiful sound powered by Harman Kardon.

In our review we found Vi Wireless Headphones dished out helpful advice on how to improve running technique and reduce the risk of injury. But more importantly, this is probably the first voice assistant we’ve used that is actually pleasant to interact with.

In a bid to extend the functionality, the company has hosted a number of Virtual Races over the years that have proven popular with its community. They are stepping the experience up now with a new free app called Torch.

Vi wants to gamify your fitness with new app Vi wants to gamify your fitness with new app Vi wants to gamify your fitness with new app

The software makes workouts more fun by turning walking or running into a multiplayer game. You are assigned a Power Score which represents the energy that your body generates during the game. All of this is personalised based on factors such as height, weight, age, gender, terrain, weather and more. You are then matched up against players around the world at your own level.

The battles lasts 25 minutes each, letting your progress through different levels, move up leaderboards and improve your Power Score. You can even challenge friends to earn points. Plus you never lose. Even if you don’t earn any points you will end up improving your fitness by exercising and torching those calories.

The software is still in beta but it can be downloaded by registering on this page.

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