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Polar H9 is an affordable heart rate monitor for entry level users

Polar have expanded their heart rate monitor portfolio with the launch of the new H9. It joins the company’s best-selling H10 and OH1+.

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In our reviews, we found both of the predecessor devices do an excellent job at monitoring heart rate during exercise. The H10 takes the form of a traditional chest strap that combines a non-slip design, water-resistance, the ability to use on two devices concurrently and on-board memory. This is Polar’s most accurate heart rate chest strap to date.

The OH1+ is also a great option. Unlike the H10, it can be worn around the upper or lower arm. The accuracy is close to what you would get with a heart rate chest strap and much better than a wrist based heart rate device.

Now we have the H9. This is a budget friendly option that is designed for entry-level users. It takes all the basics from the other two devices and packages into something that won’t break the bank.

Polar’s affordable H9 heart rate monitor is for entry level users
Polar H9 | Image source: Polar

Polar says the thing is targeted towards “regular gym goers, casual runners and cyclists who want to start measuring their heart rate and calories.” Apart from reliability and accuracy, the most noteworthy feature of the swim-friendly chest strap is the ability to connect to multiple devices at the same time.

This can be done via Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5kHz. However, unlike the H10 which supports two, the H9 only supports one simultaneous Bluetooth smart connection. It also does not have on-board memory and the strap is slightly different.

What is the same is battery life. Just like the H10, the replaceable CR 2025 keeps going for an excellent 400 hours of training.

Polar’s affordable H9 heart rate monitor is for entry level users
Image source: Polar

“Accuracy is not a commodity and it cannot be compromised, but consumers aren’t aware of what a difference it makes,” says Tom Fowler, President of Polar U.S.

“What sets Polar apart from everyone else is that nearly 800 whitepapers cite our sensors as the heart rate baseline; national federations, sports scientists, professional athletes and teams are customers of Polar.”

The H9 is available from today Amazon and on Polar’s website for $59.50 in a choice between XS-S and M-XXL sizes. Other retail availability should follow soon.

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