Graff Golf: a smart golf ball that records and analyzes every shot

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Golf is a great way to unwind. But let’s face it. It 2020 and you want something that lets you know after a round what you did right and what to do to improve. We’ve seen all matter of smart golf equipment, from swing analyzers to GPS watches and trackers. Now we can add a smart golf ball to this list.

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Just launched on Indiegogo, Graff Golf is the world’s first intelligent golf ball. The thing is embedded with sensors that enable location tracking up to distances of 300 feet, as well as a detailed analysis ​of your game.

To use, sync the ball with your smartphone, and select your club and swing using the app. Start playing and the smartphone will automatically keep tabs on a wealth of analytics. This includes spin rate, spin direction, exit velocity, hang time, apex height, carry distance, ball speed, launch angle and score.

Of course, everyone wants to improve their skills. To this end the software provides you with insights into your game and there’s a library of drills to take your game up a notch. The more shots you hit, the more comprehensive the data will be. The stats are compared to stats from pros so you can see exactly where there is room for improvement. There’s also a challenge section in the app with badges and rewards to be earned, and competitions with friends and others.

Everything was designed by three John Hopkins University students – golf enthusiasts. Now they are looking for your help to bring the product to the world. A $199 pledge gets you 3 standard-sized smart golf balls, a Bluetooth wireless charging system and access to the smartphone app. Delivery is expected this summer.

Price: $199 and up

Funding open:

$17,765 raised out of $20,000 goal
29 days left

Estimated delivery: June 2020

View on:

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