Here’s how to access Google’s Wear OS drum sequencer Easter Egg

Google’s take on the Eastern egg hunt is a little drum machine that is hidden in Wear OS. Here’s how to access it.

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Some Redditors have stumbled on an Easter Egg hidden away in the Wear SO flashlight app. The right combination of key strokes will provide you with access to a fun drum sequencer. No-one knows exactly how long this has been hidden in the code, with some mentioning it could have been there for a number of years now.

If you want to give it a try for yourself, the steps to access the drum sequencer are as follows.

  • You’ll need a Wear OS watch, of course, with a speaker/audio playback
  • Go to the flashlight app, otherwise known as the Torch option. This is done via the app menu.
  • The Torch should be in an off state. Leave it that way.
  • Double-tap in the middle of the display twice in quick succession and hold on the last tap. This is the tricky bit.
  • If done correctly, you should see some swirling flashing colors. Keep holding your finger against the screen until…
  • You see the drum sequencer

That’s all there is to it. Users have reported that it’s a bit of a challenge to get it to work, so it might take a few tries before you get it right.

You very own drum machine consists of a 4 x 4 grid of circles. The drum sequence starts with a basic beat. However you can use the grid to customize your own beats. There are some nifty options to play with. The blue circle is a kick drum, purple a bell, red an open hi-ha and teal a snare. You probably won’t come up with a chart topping tune, but it will provide a few minutes of fun.

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