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Apple Mask, a funny concept of an alternative take on coronavirus protection

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Do you want to look great while avoiding quarantine? It will never make it to market, but this is one design company’s take on an Apple coronavirus protection mask.

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With the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, health and fitness has become a hot topic. As a consequence, there has been a surge in face mask sales even though they are not guaranteed to protect you from the disease. Unless you buy a more specialised mask, that is.

But what if there were other options?

Just Studio have come up with a funny concept of an Apple-made coronavirus protection mask. Not that its every going to happen – but it does make for fun viewing.

The mask would come in a choice of two colors – white and black. Apple’s logo would be prominently displayed at the bottom – after all, Apple Watch fans will want to show they are loyal to the company.

As always, there would be different price options. Those that want maximum protection would opt for the Pro version, with its triple filtering system, Super Fabric XDR Material, and price to match. The next level is the regular version which would offer a duel-filtering system and less fancy materials. And, of course, there would be a version for those on a tight budget.

We have been patiently waiting for an Apple Watch with decent battery life, and the wait continues. It seems the masks would suffer from the same problem and would only allow up to a day of use.

Apple Mask Pro, a funny concept of an alternative take on coronavirus protection
Source: Just Studio

A Hermes version anyone?

Apple Mask, a funny concept of an alternative take on coronavirus protection
Source: Just Studio

The Cupertino outfit has been looking to branch out beyond computers, iPhones, iPads, headphones and Apple Watches for a while now. We certainly hope there will never come a time when they consider the facemask market a realistic option!

Source: Just Studio via Cultofmac

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