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Huami starts selling Amazfit Powerbuds and AirRun in China

Huami has started selling Amazfit Powerbuds and the connected AirRun treadmill in China. Both were announced earlier this year at CES 2020.

Amazfit PowerBuds

Let’s start off with Huami’s answer to the Apple’s AirPods. Weighing only 7 grams each, Amazfit PowerBuds come with heart rate monitoring, a special bass mode during exercise, an ambient sound mode, workout notifications and IP55 water resistance.

CES 2020: Huami launches smart buds, a treadmill, along with Amazfit Bip S & T-Rex
Amazfit PowerBuds | Image source: Huami

Battery life is an excellent 8 hours, which goes up to 24 hours with the portable charging case. This means they last twice as long as AirPods Pro. The gizmo is available in China on Tmall selling for around $100.

CES 2020: Huami launches smart buds, a treadmill, along with Amazfit Bip S & T-Rex
Amazfit ZenBuds | Image source: Huami

Huami also has a more powerful set of earbuds in the works called Amazfit ZenBuds. Similar in design, they are meant to promote healthy sleep and mindfulness. Each bud weights a mere 1.7 grams.

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Zenbuds monitor heart rate, play tunes to lull you into slumber, keep tabs on your sleep and wake you up in the morning. Battery life is 12 hours on single charge and 8 days with the case. They will retail for $150 when they selling later this year.

Amazfit AirRun

Another Huami gadget that was announced at the start of this year but is only now available for sale is AirRun. It was launched alongside a huge 43 Inch Premium 1080P HD Screen called the GLASS and a 3D camera. The mirror comes equipped with 3 Premium 20W JBL Speakers (2 on treadmill, 1 on Glass) to provide an immersive and personalized fitness experience. The company calls the whole contraption Amazfit Home Studio.

CES 2020: Amazfit Bip gets a successor, in addition to smart buds and a treadmill
Premium Treadmill | Image source: Huami

The GLASS can be used on its own to take, for example, stretching or yoga classes. The other option is to pair it with the premium treadmill or the Amazfit AirRun.

The first comes with 12 MPH Slat Belt Technology and a 20 inch wide and 53 inches long running surface. The second is a foldable treadmill that does not take up as much space or cost as much. Both offer more than a thousand classes. The thing even uses AI-powered computer vision to detect and help correct your form.

CES 2020: Huami launches smart buds, a treadmill, along with Amazfit Bip S & T-Rex
Foldable Treadmill | Image source: Huami

Huami is hoping HomeStudio will be in a good position to take on Peloton due to “its attractive price”. We don’t know what the Glass will cost or the premium treadmill, but AirRun is available now on Tmall in China for 2699 Yuan which is around $380. This sounds pretty reasonable considering you get a fully functioning connected treadmill for your living room. It will be interesting to see what the full Amazfit Home Studio sells for once its made available.

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