Casio’s newest smartwatch is inspired by the Honda Racing team

Casio’s latest intelligent timepiece is the limited edition Honda Racing Watch. It comes with smartphone pairing and smartwatch notifications, but no fitness smarts.

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The device has been released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the EDIFICE brand. Over the years, watches in this collection ranged from basic chronograph pieces to more advanced models. The target market are professionals. To this end, EDIFICE timepieces are equipped with functions such as multiple dials, alarms and world time.

Casio’s newest smartwatch is inspired by the Honda Racing team

The latest timepiece is a collaboration model with Honda Racing. Its called ECB-10HR. Luckily it also goes by the name the Honda Racing Watch. Honda has been linked to the Scuderia AlphaTauri Formula One team since 2018, of which Casio EDIFICE is also a supporter. Hence the connection. This is the third such device resulting from the linkup between the two brands.

As you’d expect, the timepiece comes decked out in the black and red uniform colours of Honda F1 crews. Casio says the black dial and case are built from the same carbon that is used in motor sports. There is also a bit of celebratory gold thrown in on the the bezel and some of the dials to mark the anniversary.

The Honda Racing logo alongside the Casio EDIFICE marking can be found etched in the middle of the display. The 20 second mark on the bezel is coloured in red and the engraving of “20th Anniversary EDIFICE” can be found on the case back. Finally, the Honda logo can also be found the special package the watch arrives in.

“Our newest EDIFICE timepiece was inspired by the drive and momentum of the Honda Racing team,” said David Johnson, Vice President of Casio’s Timepiece Division.

“Casio has been an official partner of Honda Racing since 2018 and we look forward to collaborating on additional timepieces in the future that embody both the velocity and energy of motorsports.”

Moving on to the all-important smart functions. Unfortunately, there’s not much to write about. For example, there are no fitness functions, not even a step counter. Perhaps that was to be expected considering this is an EDIFICE watch. You will need to opt for other Casio timepieces for tracking activity.

Casio’s newest smartwatch is inspired by the Honda Racing team

The ECG-10HR does come, though, with the ability to connect via Bluetooth to the CASIO WATCH+ app. This ensures precise timekeeping, automatic time-zone changes – features essential to those travelling on the Formula 1 circuit. The watch can also alert to upcoming events and tasks that have been entered on your smartphone.

Other specs include a case size that measures 51 X 48.5 X 12.5 mm and weighs 107 grams. The 100 meter water-resistant timepiece can keep going for up to two years on the CR2016 battery.

Casio says the watch will be available on its website sometime in early May. It will have purchase price of $330.
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