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Verizon unveils the Care Smart watch for the elderly

Verizon has unveiled the Care Smart watch for seniors. It comes with multiple ways to stay in touch, emergency contact calling, location sharing and more.

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Verizon unveils the Care Smart watch for the elderlyFitness trackers and smartwatches are a dime a dozen these days, but very few of these are designed specifically for the elderly. This is a demographic with particular needs so coming out with wearable tech to address this makes perfect sense. It is a virtually untapped market.

Verizon’s entry in this space is the Care Smart watch, a device designed to keep seniors in touch with their loved ones. Powered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network, the watch has a dedicated phone number which allows for voice and text communication.

There’s an easy to read display, with 3-touch navigation for accessing contacts and making calls and sending text messages. The thing also comes pre-loaded with a number of automatic text message responses to make replying simpler.

Verizon unveils the Care Smart watch for the elderlyUp to 10 contacts can be stored on the device including one emergency contact. This last one can be will be dialled automatically if the person holds down the emergency contact call button on the front of the watch for 4 seconds. Useful for peace of mind if they have an accident or another type of emergency.

Another safety feature is location sharing. Wearers can ping their location to family who have the Care Smart smartphone app and the necessary permissions. Loved ones can also check in on them by tracking their location, and setting location-based alerts.

Other features include reminders for daily tasks or medications, and a pedometer function for counting steps. The watch is waterproof, it has a comfortable design and up to 2.5 day battery life on a single charge.

Verizon Care Smart can be ordered for $149.99 on the company’s website. It comes with a $10 monthly service charge which Verizon is waiving during the 1st month.

“We understand the need to stay connected, especially during these difficult times when so many people are separated from their elderly loved ones,” said Brian Higgins, senior vice president, device and consumer product marketing at Verizon.

“The Care Smart watch gives our customers a safe and simple way to communicate with grandparents, parents and other loved ones. At a time when staying away from senior family members is the responsible choice, technology can keep us connected and offer insights into loved ones health and activities for peace of mind.”

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  • Please. Is there an assistive technology support manager? I need an Apple wearable device as is now available by Verizon Senior Smart Care. Can someone call me ET? My husband is a paramedic on the 1st Net system via AT&T. He has an iPhone 6s (or plus.. I cannot remember which), I have an iPad mini but it is too unlikely to walk or bike. 1st Net will allow a wearable device on his plan. I have communication difficulty with executive functioning/learning disability. Multiple steps are difficult, facial recognition is critical as I cannot come up with names or words. Poor memory. Hubby needs to be able to find me, and I need to be able to call out for help if needed. He is not with me all the time and I need to regain some level of independence. Please call me in the morning when I am more alert and easier to talk? Thank you so much.


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