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Wahoo slims down TICKR and TICKR X, adds new functions

The new Wahoo TICKR and TICKR X have officially launched today. Here’s a quick refresh on what is new for both products.

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TICKR and TICKR X have been redesigned with a streamlined look and upgraded functionality. Wahoo says they are now the lightest chest straps on the market, coming in at only 48 grams. That’s the pod and strap together, in case you were wondering.

The main unit is now slimmer and has top-mounted, easy-to-see LED lights. This way a user can simply glance down and know at all times whether the chest strap is connected and tracking. The whole concept has been redesigned so that it fits more neatly against the chest and is more secure during exercise.

Wahoo revamps TICKR and TICKR X with new look and new functions

In terms of functionality, you can now pair the chest straps with multiple devices at the same time by using up to three Bluetooth and ANT+ connections. Battery life has been bumped up by nearly 50% which gives the chest straps a life of 500 hours on a single battery.

As before, TICKR X comes with some extras. The pricier option has real-time running dynamic which can be transmitted via Bluetooth or ANT+ to compatible devices. This means you can stream info on cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time to smartwatches while you are exercising.

There’s also something Wahoo calls – Running Smoothness score. A metric that helps improve your efficiency and running form, it can be found in the Wahoo Fitness app.

Finally, TICKR X also comes with built-in memory inside the pod which saves workout data, no smartphone needed thank you very much. This can store up to 50 hours of workout data between syncs.

Wahoo revamps TICKR and TICKR X with new look and new functions Wahoo revamps TICKR and TICKR X with new look and new functions

All in all, TICKR and TICKR X are benefitting from some nice upgrades.


  • Connect up to three Bluetooth devices, simultaneously with ANT+
  • 10% slimmer pod
  • Redesigned strap with integrated pod design for ultimate comfort
  • LEDs moved to top of body for confident syncing
  • Battery life increased to 500 hours (up from 350 hours)


  • Run Dynamics transmitted via ANT+ to compatible smartwatches
  • Internal memory increased to store 50 hours of data (up from 16 hours)


  • Stealth gray colorway

The new TICKR and TICKR X are available for purchase from today. They can be picked up on and select retailers. The first will set you back $49.99, the second $79.99.

“We’ve revamped the TICKR and TICKR X to give users class-leading functionality in a design that’s effortless to use and very comfortable to wear,” ​said Wahoo Product Manager Katie DuPree​.

“TICKR and TICKR X redefine what you expect from a heart rate monitor by offering unmatched power, comfort, and convenience whether you’re on a quick lunch ride or running a marathon.”

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