Garmin unveils new API which allows direct route syncing from Strava

Garmin has revamped its software with a new Connect Courses API that allows Garmin watch users to import route files created through other applications directly. Strava and Komoot are the first to opt in.

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This avoids a rather laborious process. Previously, the only way to sync the route file from a third party website or platform was to go through Garmin Connect. This acted as a middle-man between the service and the Garmin GPS device. Now the hassle of going through these steps is a thing of the past.

Garmin unveils new API which allows direct route syncing from Strava

Garmin’s new Connect Courses API now allows for a direct connection. Strava and Komoot are the first to take advantage of the functionality. This works with any Garmin GPS device that supports .FIT files. This includes Forerunner 245 and above, along with Garmin Fenix and Instinct.

The steps are pretty straightforward. To start off you will need to give Strava (or Komoot) permission to share data with Garmin. This a one time task that needs to be done through the Garmin Connect app. From that point on the software will communicate directly and routes created on other platforms will sync automatically and appear in the ‘Courses’ section of the Garmin navigation menu.

Needless to say, this is a particularly useful function for cyclists and runners. It means they will spend less time mapping and more time exercising!

The news comes just over a month after Strava announced a revamped route building tool with more changes to come. The upgrades include smart features such as personalized route suggestions, info on the ins and outs of routes and more.

To create your own routes on Strava, you will need a paid subscription – called Summit membership. However, those with free access can star a friend’s ride and have it sync over to their Garmin. Komoot also allows certain route planning features free of charge.

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