Jamie Murray demos Slinger Bag ahead of tennis tournament

Jamie Murray took to the court with Slinger Bag, a one of a kind high-tech portable tennis ball launcher. Slinger is one of the sponsors of the Schroders Battle of the Brits taking place later this month.

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We recently posted our review of this innovative gadget. It looks nothing like a tennis ball launcher, yet it’s capable of hurling balls in your direction at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. The gizmo can be set to launch shots at a variety of angles and elevation modes. A perfect partner which ensures you stick by the current social distancing measures.

We found the ball launcher works well, it looks great, you can fit a lot of tennis balls inside and you can customize everything to your level of play. As far as speed and spin of the balls – it should suffice most players. The fact that the balls have top spin means they speed up when they hit the ground.

And if 45 miles per hour does not sound like a lot, check out the video below. It shows Jamie Murray, seven-times Grand Slam doubles and mixed doubles champion, practicing with Slinger Bag. He looks to have chosen one of the higher elevation modes. This can be set from 10 to 40 degrees.

This came as part of the effort to promote the upcoming Schroders Battle of the Brits taking place June 23th-28th in London. Slinger Bag is one of the sponsors of this “behind-closed-doors” tennis tournament which has set a goal of raising a minimum of £100,000 for NHS Charities Initiative.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Slinger at Battle of the Brits,” said Jamie Murray.

“I’ve recently been hitting with the Slinger Bag. It’s great to have this unique piece of equipment which has made social distancing practice very easy. We’re looking forward to introducing them to the practice courts at the event.”

The six-day long gathering marks the start of Slinger Bag’s presence in and support of British tennis. The portable ball launcher has recently been made available in the UK. It can be purchased in other countries on this link.

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