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Health App provides hint of a new Huawei smartwatch & fitness band

Details of a new Huawei smartwatch and activity band have leaked on the company’s Health App.

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Huawei’s latest effort on this front is the Huawei Watch GT 2e. Released in March, its specs are largely similar to the 2019 version of Watch GT 2. The main difference is the sportier look and inclusion of a blood oxygen monitoring feature.

But now something else seems to be in the works.

Two mystery devices have appeared in the Huawei Health app. A tipster from Weibo stumbled on them in the add device section of the software. The fitness band is dubbed Huawei FDS and the smartwatch Huawei STIA. We’re not really sure at this stage if the letters are the codename or the final name of the device as these are the first we are hearing of them. It’s more likely these are codenames.

A new Huawei smartwatch and fitness band leaked on smartphone app

A new Huawei smartwatch and fitness band leaked on smartphone app

The screenshots reveals a smartwatch with a circular face. The fitness band, on the other hand, has a rectangular display with a physical button towards the bottom. It is very reminscent of the recently launched Xiaomi Mi Band 5. There’s a possibility it could be a successor to the Huawei Band 4/Pro.

According to the Weibo post the wearables will be launched soon, but there’s no further information or any hint as to specs. Considering the company has already added the two wearables in its Health App, it seems likely an official unveiling will follow in the months ahead.

Another Huawei wearable that is in the works is the Mate smartwatch. This one will reportedly run Harmony OS and launch in October. Harmony OS is Huawei’s proprietary software which acts as a replacement to Android. The company started working on it when its official partnership with Google ended.

If STIA and FDS are codenames, there’s always the possibility these are references to a new Mate line. This would imply that there will be a Mate-branded fitness band in addition to the smartwatch. But this is pure speculation on our part.

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