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Garmin Forerunner 745 launch imminent, shows up in search

We’ve been expecting the Forerunner 745 as part of Garmin’s 2020 lineup. It looks like the watch could make its debut in the coming days.

An impatient Redditor did a search on Google for the timepiece and some interesting results came up. What you are seeing below (pics hosted on reddit) are probably the first images of the upcoming Forerunner 745.

Until now the aging 735XT, which it replaces, was the only thing in search results. We expected this one to be part of the Garmin lineup ever since a code leak in Garmin Connect app’s installation files was spotted in late 2019.

Sitting right below the 945, the 745 will be a mid-range timepiece. The images show it adopting the standard circular design of the Forerunner range with two buttons on the right and three on the left. There will be at least three color variants including gray, magma and a greenish one.

As far as specs, you’ll need to wait for the actual release for that. Unfortunately, clicking on the pics of the watch did not take the Redditor to more details. Also, if you do a search now these results are missing. Garmin will obviously cut a few corners as compared to the 945 but that will result in a lower price for shoppers.

Another watch that could see the light of day this year is the Forerunner 955. That one is likely to come in two variants, one of which has LTE connectivity. Details of the Garmin HRM-Pro chest strap with Bluetooth support have also leaked recently.

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As far as a possible launch date for the 745 we can rely on a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) application from July 14. It was for two Garmin smartwatches or two variants of the same watch. The filing cites September 9th as the date when the confidentiality clause runs out. Which means there’s a good chance Garmin might unveil the Forerunner 745 and possibly 955 in the next few days.

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