NURVV Run insoles now available to all, new features added

Unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, NURVV Run deliver insights and guidance on how to run faster and avoid injury. Nurvv has announced today retail availability of the intelligent insoles and new features.

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The London-based outfit behind the product says NURVV Run has been rigorously tested over the past three years. The lightweight insoles are embedded with 32 high-precision sensors that work in conjunction with two GPS trackers weighing 0.8oz/22.7g each. Battery life is around 5 hours between charges.

CES 2020: NURVV Run insoles measure running directly from your feet
Image source: NURVV

The intelligent insoles go much further in assessing your running performance and technique that your run-of-the mill sports watch. Data is captured 1,000 times per second (per insole) and includes info on cadence, step length, training load, foot-strike, pronation and balance.

Users get real-time audio, visual and haptic feedback that includes personalized speed and technique workouts and guidance on achieving a pre-set target. The thing also has the ability to connect to Apple Watch or Garmin (via ANT) for in-run alerts.

NURVV Run insoles measure your running directly from your feet
Image source: NURVV

Lots of data

The accompanying smartphone app is an absolute treasure trove of data. There you’ll find detailed guidance which includes a complete picture of your running technique.

The software spits out a Running Health score after each session which shows your injury risk in an easy to understand way. You can then delve further into the statistics to understand problem areas before it’s too late.

NURVV Run will also provide recommendations on optimal training distances and zones to avoid doing too much too soon. And let’s face it, this is something that many of us have been guilty of.

New functionality announced today includes elevation data and heart rate tracking (via an external heart rate monitor). The company has also announced Strava integration and features such as:

  • Daily Run Allowance – recommendations on how much you should train daily;
  • Footstrike Trainer – visual cues in real-time on how your feet are hitting the ground;
  • Metric Profiles – view running technique over time; and
  • The ability to enter runs not recorded with the intelligent insoles.

CES 2020: NURVV Run insoles measure running directly from your feet

“Since our debut earlier this year, we’ve been rigorously testing and perfecting NURVV Run to make it the most powerful, high performance training wearable for runners,”said Jason Roberts, co-founder and CEO of NURVV.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the way people run. Our data and insights are backed by science and are helping runners get the most from their training by telling them everything they need to know about their technique and how to improve it.”


The gizmo can be used for both indoor or outdoor training and works come rain or shine. In case you were wondering, there’s no need to bring your smartphone with you during exercise as everything functions entirely independently.

The $299.95 NURVV Run insoles are available to buy from today on, and They can be used with all types of running shoes.

Check out the video below for more info. We will be looking to test Nurvv Run insoles during the next few weeks so check back for our review.

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