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PADO introduces next generation dual-mode massager

California-based PADO has started selling the PUREWAVE GEN II earlier this week. This company says this is the most advanced dual-mode massager ever.

Devices that bring benefits of therapeutic massage to our homes are more popular than ever. The convenience of having one of these at your disposal at any time cannot be overstated. Plus there’s the cost issue. String a couple of professional massages together, and you have yourself the cost of a home massage device.

Just like the first generation, this massager is designed to help to break up muscle knots and relieve pain. This can be done via the Percussion Mode. There’s a total of seven tips that you can attach to target different areas of the body. For example the Air Cushion tip made of silicon can be used for general massage while the 3D Pivot tip is for joints and hard angles.

What makes this device so unique is that, unlike jack-hammer style devices, PUREWAVE has a secondary micro-vibration motor. This has been redesigned for the latest generation device to be even better at targeting delicate tissue and trigger points. The micro-vibration is stronger and there’s a new angled design so the two available attachments are even more effective.

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Other improvements include an extended ergonomic handle, along with greater stall force so that you can apply even deeper pressure. Finally there’s 12-speed calibrated control on each of the two motors to help customize pressure during massage.

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All of this should help you get a deeper and more effective massage. Earlier devices in the range have received some excellent reviews on Amazon. The latest generation is looking to build on this.

PUREWAVE GEN II is available now at for $149.95. Wider retail availability should follow soon. The thing comes with a nice convenient storage case to ensure you don’t lose any parts. We are currently testing the massager so keep an eye out for our review in the coming weeks.

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