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The Amazfit Smart Scale tracks much more than just weight

In addition to a plethora of smartwatches, Huami will also soon be releasing its first Amazfit branded scale. It tracks a multitude of metrics in addition to weight.

The first clue the Chinese company will release a scale came from a Bluetooth SIG certification that was published on August 5th. Shortly after, support for the smart scale was added to the Amazfit app. If you go to the add new device screen, there’s an option to add the gear.

Huami has now revealed the full details. Everything apart from the launch date and price.

Amazfit Smart Scale – pics and specs

As mentioned, the scale will collect more than just weight. In fact it will monitor a total of 16 different body health metrics.

This includes: body weight, body fat rate, muscle mass, body water percentage, body mass, protein percentage, basal metabolism, visceral fat grade, subcutaneous fat, skeletal muscle, change of muscle mass, physical age, body score, body mass index (BMI), ideal body weight and body type. It will also have standing heart rate detection.

Huami’s Amazfit-branded scale will track more than just weight
Image source: Huami

This is probably the longest list of body metrics tracked of any scale on the market. But keep in mind, even the best scales struggle to get much accuracy with anything apart from weight. Anyone who owns a smart scale knows how erratic they can be from day to day in some of these measurements. Nevertheless, its good to have the supplementary readings as a rough guide.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled scale comes with an “Exclusive Aurora Gradient Design” and an LCD display which blends seamlessly into the body when not in use. The dimensions are 316 x 316 x 6mm.

Huami’s Amazfit-branded scale will track more than just weight
Image source: Huami

Huami says the gizmo has a high-precision G-shaped sensor which helps to ensure precise readings. In fact the scale can detect a change of up to 50 grams. In case you were wondering, that is the equivalent of drinking a cup of water.

As there is more than one body type, you’ll be able to define in the Zepp app whether you want the normal or sports mode. This helps improve the accuracy of measurements for various types of users.

Huami’s Amazfit-branded scale will track more than just weight

An interesting addition that we have not seen before is something called Balance Ability Analysis. A test can be down by standing on the scale. It takes 30 seconds to complete and the end result is an assessment of your balance ability. The better your balance – the lower your risk of injury during exercise.

Release date

It actually makes perfect sense for Huami to be releasing a smart scale under the Amazfit brand. After all, it has released pretty much everything else including a countless number of smartwatches, a few fitness trackers, a smart treadmill and more. It’s actually more surprising the company has not released a smart scale until now!

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Apart from the wide range of metrics, most probably, the distinguishing factor of this scale will be that it will be affordable and that it will fit seamlessly into the Amazfit ecosystem of health products. The fact that Huami has chosen to share the details publicly means an official launch date is not far off.

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